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About Positive Brands

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Positive Brands partners with Jon Gordon Companies to promote the positive message of Jon and his team on quality apparel and merchandise.  Positive Brands is a member of the Next Step Brands family.

Jon Gordon's best-selling books and talks have inspired readers and audiences around the world. His principles have been put to the test by numerous Fortune 500 companies, professional and college sports teams, school districts, hospitals, and non-profits. 

We are proud to partner with Jon Gordon, Damon West and Kate Leavell, along with the rest of Jon’s team of leaders.

To learn more about Jon Gordon, visit JonGordon.com. To learn more about Damon West, co-author of The Coffee Bean, visit DamonWest.org.

About Next Step Brands

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Next Step Brands partners with authors and speakers to promote their positive message with quality apparel and merchandise.  

We specialize in creating online stores and order fulfillment, as well as customized orders so your clients will have their logo in their colors on great items.

The Next Step Brands family includes the Jon Gordon Companies, Amy P. Kelly, Kate Leavell, Chris Wirth and more.

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