Stick Together Silicone Wristband (Volume Discount)

Stick Together Silicone Wristband (Volume Discount)

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Our Stick Together silicone wristband is perfect to give to your team because it will remind them to work together to achieve a goal that you have set for them.

The band comes in bright blue, with black embossed lettering that reads Stick Together on the front and Build a Stronger Team on the back.

Keep the message alive long after you’ve put the book down with customized items for your school, team or business. 

This item can be customized in your colors and with your name and logo so your group feels more connected to the message. Click here for more information.

Stick Together is inspired by the Wall Street Journal bestselling book by that name from Jon Gordon and Kate Leavell.

It is a reminder of what a team can accomplish and that your past does not define you. It refines you and makes you better!